Monday, June 13, 2011

Recipe for a Perfect Teacher

My parents visited over the weekend, and along with a stack of books, my mom brought "Wonderful World of Writing, Middle School Edition: Spring 1989".

Apparently, I have been making up my own recipes longer than I thought.  Here is my contribution (keeping in mind I was in the 8th grade!):


Recipe for a Perfect Teacher


     1 pinch of strictness
     1/2 cup of awareness
     1 tablespoon of humor
     1 handful of patience
     1/4 teaspoon of genius
     1/2 cup of creativity
     1/4 cup of organization


     In a large bowl blend the patience, humor and creativity.  In another bowl mix the strictness, genius, organization, and awareness.  Pour the mixture into the first bowl and stir for half an hour.  Bake over the weekend.

     If you add too much humor, you'll get corny jokes.  If you put in too much creativity, you'll have a student teacher.  Too much strictness and not enough awareness will make a substitute.  More than 1/4 teaspoon of genius, and you'll end up with a scientist.

     To make a principal, add an extra tablespoon of strictness and pour in a cup of organization.  Bake over spring vacation.

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