Thursday, February 16, 2012

Turkey day

Adorable turkey (and pattern!) found here

You're probably wondering, why is there a turkey in February? Two reasons: 1. When I started this post, and added the turkey picture, it was November. 2. I feel like a turkey. I have not typed a word for this blog in over 4 months, and I have absolutely no good reason for the break. So, my apologies, I hope you can forgive me, and will continue reading. No recipe right now, but I will be posting some later, in a flurry of posts titled, "How to get rid of 2 dozen donuts in 2 days"...guess what my dear husband brought home this morning? "But, they were free!". Sigh. My continued apologies for the brief teaser post. I am actually typing this on my phone, at the gym, while killing the last of the 2 hours the nice folks in the gym daycare will watch my monkeys. Isn't technology mah-velous?

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