Monday, August 15, 2011

Sandwich Spree: Day Three

Happy knit sandwich found here
Day Three...ok, actually it's day four, but we were rather busy yesterday, and the only sandwiches my girls ate were...yep...soynut butter and jelly.

Today, I managed two experimental sandwich meals, breakfast and dinner!

For breakfast, I had a HUGE assist from one of my very best friends of all times, who showed up on my doorstep yesterday with two jars of homemade jam: one champagne grape and one strawberry-basalmic...YUM!

With that brilliant starting point, breakfast was easy.  I made bisquick biscuits, (with 1/4 of the bisquick replaced with white whole wheat flour...of course!), cut them in half, added jam, aaaaand...
ta da!

All of the girls loved the biscuit sandwiches:

I also had an assist on dinner.  I found this great recipe:  Grilled Cheese with Bacon and Avocado.  (I skipped the apple she added in her recipe...I have limits!)  I knew the avocado was a gamble, but the bacon was a pretty sure bet.  Since I don't do bacon, my husband was very helpful and cooked it up for me.

I mashed the avocado, and spread it on both sides of the sandwich, and put havarti cheese on one side.
For the littles, we chopped up the bacon:

And for hubby and the bigs:

For the record, I would like to point out that I love my family.  I touched bacon to make a sandwich for my family.  Nuff said.

Finished product:

A second note: someday I will get a better camera, and take decent pictures!!  For the moment, I do apologize about the lack of photographic quality.

Dinner was a mixed success.  Husband, #1 and #2 loved dinner!  #3 took the sandwich apart, and only ate the bread and avocado.  #4 took her sandwich apart, and just ate the bacon!  I figure the littles each count for half a thumb up, so...

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  1. Ummmm, bacon, cheese and avocado - sounds like a good combination to me!