Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sandwich Spree: Day Two

Hoagie pattern for sale here
 Day two of the spree, and in an attempt to avoid sandwich fatigue, I just made sandwiches for lunch.

Today's experiment:  mini ROUND sandwiches

I made one big sandwich, with hummus and shredded carrots.  (Since they all liked dipping the carrots in hummus, I thought flavor-wise this was a safe bet.)  Then I used a small, round cookie cutter to cut tiny circular sandwiches out of the big one.

The grater on the right?  That's from IKEA.  And I love that grater!  Not to be an IKEA ad, but it really is the best one ever.

The hummus is from Costco (and no, I have no idea why it's spelled "hommus"...).

For one sandwich, I used about 4 baby carrots.  Most of them.  I can never grate all of the carrot, so I always eat the ends.

Here are the mini sandwiches, and a bowl of chili.

Chili is usually a safe bet with my girls, and I thought with the experimental tiny sandwiches, it would be good to have an option.

#3 continues to have a solid aversion to anything new and/or different, but both #2 and #4 loved them!  In fact, #4 ate hers, then ran around the table to eat #3's sandwich.

Official tally:

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