Saturday, July 2, 2011

New cookbook, new ways to fail

Knit strawberry found here.
I was at the library with my 8 year old, (who came home with 15 books!) and I borrowed a cookbook that I've been wanting to try: "Hungry Girl 1-2-3" by Lisa Lillien.

I had found her blog awhile ago, so I was excited to try some of her recipes.

Most of her stuff is designed for a girl on a diet looking for tasty, guilt-free recipes, but since much of it includes easy way to add fruit or veggies, and is easily adjustable for multiple servings, I thought it was worth a try.

First chapter that I dove into: "Fun with French Toast".  Yes, an entire chapter devoted to French toast!  I like this girl.  All of the French toast recipes sound amazing (pumpkin cheescake french toast bites??  I might just make that one and NOT SHARE!), but I started with one I had all of the ingredients for: "Jammed with cheese, stuffed French toast".  I should mention, Hungry Girl has a love affair with Laughing Cow Light "cheese" wedges.  She puts them in everything, including French toast!  They make a great way to add creaminess without adding too much fat.

The only substitutions I made were to use real eggs instead of egg substitute, and cracked-wheat sourdough bread instead of the white bread she called for.  (White bread HG?  Really?  You just went down a notch on my respect-o-meter.)

The stuffed French toast was crunchy, tasty and filled with strawberry preserves and a schmear of Laughing Cow.  Everyone liked it, except for #2.  Because apparently strawberries are evil.

Note:  We're missing a thumb this week, #3 is away visiting Grammie...and yes, I need to find a better way to say that..."missing a thumb"...ewwww.

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