Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh, yeah, that's right...

Felt play spaghetti found here.
I remember now why I named this blog: My Kids Hate My Cooking.

I tried not one, but two new recipes tonight, both mostly original mash-ups of my own creation.

The first: baked spaghetti.  I knew this was risky, because #3 has been iffy about spaghetti for a while, and #2 usually refuses to eat spaghetti with tomato sauce.

No surprise, #4 took two bites and said "blech", #3 wouldn't touch it, but #1 loved it and SURPRISE, so did #3!  So, baked spaghetti is a moderate success!

Here's the "recipe":  cook spaghetti, mix with marinara sauce, a dash of feta, and pour into a greased pan.  Cover with a little more marinara, shredded cheese, and some parmesan.  Bake at 375 for 30 mins, or until the cheese is melted.

The second part of dinner was a complete failure, in more ways than one.  I mixed cream cheese, chopped red pepper and minced garlic and spread the mix onto flat crescent rolls, then rolled them up, cut each roll in half, and baked them for 10 mins.  The garlic was the start of the fail.  I always forget that minced garlic is much more powerful than garlic powder!  The filling was waaaaay too garlicky.  I didn't even like it, and I like garlic!  The other failure on my part was that my monkeys raced to the dinner table before I was ready, and started eating the rolls before they had cooled down.  #4 bit into one, burnt her mouth, then dropped half the roll onto her bare leg, and burnt her leg with the hot cream cheese!  So, not only do my kids hate my cooking, my cooking hates my kids.  Sigh.

Lessons learned: don't use minced garlic.  Ever.  And, do not put hot food on the table!  Only plate after the food has cooled to a reasonable temperature!

Here is a picture of dinner, for the morbidly curious:

The red pepper was my attempt at a visible vegetable.  The littles didn't eat that, either.

So, two verdicts this evening:


Crescent roll-ups

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  1. They both sound good to me! Wish you were here to cook for me - I would appreciate it....